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5 Tips to get Great Motor Trade Insurance

Obtaining great motor trade insurance has a different meaning for each type of business. It is especially important to sign up for the right policy that meets your requirements and is available at a competitive price. Below, we will outline five simple tips to follow that will assist you in finding the right insurance policy. These tips could potentially be the difference between buying cover that is not required, over paying for your insurance policy or even exposing yourself to potential associated risks for not having the right cover when it matters most.

Cover exactly what your business needs

Before speaking to a broker, it is essential that you try to identify what your business needs are including the type and level of cover you require.

  • Are your tools and equipment protected elsewhere?
  • How important is it to get cover for your business premises?
  • How many staff members need to be added to your policy?

By carefully considering your requirements, you can avoid overpaying for cover that is not required. However, you don’t want to underpay for the policy either, as this could potentially put you at risk of paying out a large sum of money in the event of an incident occurring because you didn’t have the appropriate cover in place to begin with. To provide suitable protection in the long term, it is recommended that you be as specific as you can be about your motor trade insurance needs, this will ultimately give you the most suitable insurance policy.

Contact a broker

To obtain the insurance policy that is most suited for your business needs, it is important to contact an experienced motor trade insurance broker such as Utility Saving Expert. They are able to get in contact with a number of insurers on their panel and assist you in finding the most competitively priced policy. Additionally, they will be able to give you knowledgeable advice when understanding what type of protection your business requires. Brokers can utilise their experience and are able to identify consumer requirements by conversing with them and helping them find a competitive price that suits them.

No claims discount (NCD)

To reduce the cost of your motor trade insurance policy, a good no claims history will be beneficial. If your business has been operational for many years, and you’re able to provide evidence that you are a safe and careful driver to the insurer, you are likely to receive a discount for the cover you require. Having a no claims history for more than four years may allow you to save a large sum of money. As a recommendation, it is best practice to only make claims for things you really need, this will ensure you are able to keep your no claims discount bonus. If you are involved in an incident and you’re able to find a solution with your own skill set and tools, it is not necessary to recover the money through your insurance. It is better to spend a small amount of money compared to losing your no claims discount (NCD) bonus which you have built up. Many insurers give you the option to protect your no claims bonus with an additional cost. Although it does increase your premium, this can be very useful when it is time to renew the policy.

Setting up the business

Carefully consider any impact your location would have on your motor trade insurance policy when moving to a new premise or setting up a new business. By locating or relocating to a high crime area, a densely populated town or city, or even a flood plain may lead to a higher insurance premium. Try to find the right balance between potential business revenue and all associated costs from the location compared against the insurance premium due to where you are going to be based. Lastly, it can be difficult to find insurance if you are under the age of 25 and starting a new business. You will find that unfortunately some insurers are not comfortable offering you a policy if you are entering the motor trade industry at a younger age. Depending on your finances, you may want to consider waiting until you are 25+ before setting up your new business.


By increasing your excess cost, you may see your insurance premium is reduced. When taking out a motor trade insurance policy, check the price difference of your insurance policy compared against the different excesses you can choose from. It is recommended to not increase your excess by too much, because in the event that you do have to make a claim, you could have to pay a large amount of money towards any claim. Insurance policies are for your protection and peace of mind.

In conclusion, when trying to find great motor trade insurance, it is recommended to pay a little extra towards your premium to find the type and level of cover that meets your requirements as opposed to looking for shortcuts which could potentially leave you with large sums of money to pay in the event of an incident or accident.

Bucket list – Best Car shows all over the world!

Car lovers out there! Listen up – you have a whole lot of events coming up to keep you busy for the entire year! Have a look!

Frankfurt Motor show:
Stealing the hearts of car lovers since 1991, this motor show, that’s also known as the Internationale Automobil Ausstellung is a must on every car lovers bucket list! Hosted annually, they alternate between commercial and passenger vehicles. And the number of people attending this stunning car show is magnanimous, making it one of the most loved car shows around the world!


Silverstone Classic Car Show:
This is a family-friendly car show hosted by the Silverstone Circuit. It is filled with entertainment and motor racing along with a display of thousands of classic private cars owned by people across the world.

Pebble Beach Concours and Auctions:
This event is taking place a week later than it usually does. But man, they promise waterfront views and the famous Concours! The Concours is only for a day, but you have the rest of the week packed with car shows, meets and auctions. Set aside dates from  20-26th August to attend this fantastic event on Pebble Beach, California.

The name itself is so awesome! It’s held in Melbourne and is one of the largest car shows in Australia! The parade of classic cars by their owners on the streets of Australia is the crowd-puller. There are a host of competitions organised and the winners win actual classic cars!


Goodwood Revival:
This event will take you back to the good old times! Not only are the cars classic, but the drivers too, are actual legendary ones! How great is that now? Watching the drivers of those days swishing around in their vehicles- picture perfect! It’s an upcoming event, so you can keep September 7-9th free!

Beijing International  Automotive Exhibition:
This biennial show is held in China and can easily pass of as one of the best shows in the world! Around 800,000 visitors attend this show, and this number as well as the stunning display- both keep getting better each time!

Car enthusiasts out there, mark these events in bold on your calendars and set out to your favourite car shows!

Car facts you have never heard before!

What’s in a car? Engine, wheels, steering, gearbox…this is commonly known to us all. But did you know even cars have their share of weird facts which not many of us know! We’ve created a compilation of all those facts in a single article, to enlighten you! Read on to know more:


  1. Elon Musk wasn’t the founder of Tesla Motors. Wait a minute, what? Tesla is synonymous with Elon Musk, isn’t it? But here’s the truth – Elon Musk joined Tesla in 2014 and later acquired a majority stake and became the chairman.
  2. The dashboard was nothing but a wooden plank attached to the front of a horse-drawn carriage to make sure that mud does not splatter on the driver.
  3. An average car has 30,000 parts in it, and 80% of these are recyclable. Cars are pretty eco-friendly in this manner, huh?
  4. The co-founder of Dominoes pizza traded his shares in Dominoes for a Volkswagon!! Now, this is a real car craze!
  5. Ferrari produces only 14 cars a day. No wonder they come out with such masterpieces!                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  6. Bertha Benz drove the world’s first long-distance drive. She drove a Benz Patent-Motarwagens for 106 kilometres in two days. This happened back on the 12th of August 1888.
  7. White is the most preferred colour in cars. We all thought it was black, right? But stats tell a different story!
  8. Lambhorgini was an outcome of an insult flung on Ferruccio Lambhorgini by Enzo Ferrari. The former was a truck driver whose recommendation was brushed off by the latter, rather insultingly. Infuriated, Ferruccio Lambhorgini set up his own car manufacturing firm. We’re reaping benefits of that insult!
  9. First and second generations of Honda SUV came with a built-in picnic table and shower kit!
  10. Nothing can beat the strength of Ford GT! The crushing machine under which GT underwent its roof crush test itself crumbled!

Amazed, huh?

How to Maintain and Increase Your Car or Bike’s Battery Life

In most instances, methods on how to save fuel or extend the lifespan of your tires are more highlighted, but for some reason, the battery life of one’s car is neglected. Since motor vehicles and motorcycles are starting to lean more towards electronic features, rather than mechanical engineering, there are and will be more emphasis placed on the importance of one’s car battery and how to maintain it in a right way, so it can last for years to come.

Car batteries are generally costly and are probably one of the most critical components under the hood of your car. While a healthy lifespan for your car’s battery is between three to five years, some batteries tend only to last two to three years because it’s not well looked after.

Now, I don’t know about you, but having the battery of your car replaced every two years, is a bit excessive when it comes to car expenses, especially with fuel and insurance bring so expensive.


About Car Batteries

The average capacity of a general car battery is 12 V. Both the charge or discharge thereof can be measured by ampere-hour.

It’s important to know that when your battery is not running on the power of your car, leaving the lights or radio of your car on, can cause your battery to die, due to the draining thereof. Your battery is also likely to be drained if you don’t use your car often.

Different types of batteries include lead-acid accumulators, which are the batteries that are most commonly used in automobiles because they provide more reliability when it comes to their lifespan and they are relatively cheap, as well as easy to find.

Other batteries also include lithium-ion batteries, as well as nickel-cadmium batteries.

Tips on How to Increase the Life of Your Car’s Battery

  • Inspect your car’s battery on a regular basis.

The last thing you want to do is neglect the maintenance of your battery. It will lead to the destruction of the connection between your battery and car. If you have it maintained on a regular occasion, you’ll be able to keep it clean of excess build-ups, such as with alkaline or acid that can cause your battery to corrode. Be sure to make use of anti-seize lubricants, such as a mixture of water and baking soda, or even coke, which will all be able to remove the corrosion. After doing this, you can wash the treated area with water and dry it with a cloth, after which you should rub petroleum jelly on the area affected.

  • Don’t travel short distances.

It will affect the cells of your battery only to charge a little each time you drive, which will ruin your batteries lifespan. Every car or motorcycle needs to be driven on a regular occasion and for extended periods too.

  • Make use of a charger for your battery

If you go for long periods of time without driving your car, your car might be drawing energy without even being started at all, which causes it to lose energy and die. You can make use of either a solar or standard charger that will supply power to the battery. Be sure to charge your battery fully and not partially. You should also avoid overcharging the battery.

How to prep your car for a Long-Distance Road Trip?

Road trip plans are part and parcel of us all. Whether it’s a solo road trip, or with family or friends – the fun that you have on the road trip is altogether different! But in this excitement of going on a road trip, you have not to forget about your mode of transport – your car! Prepping a car for a long trip is very important. You don’t want your car to break down and ruin your incredible journey, which is why you have to take the following precautions:

This is the first concern that props up in everyone’s mind. Are the tyres alright? Do we need to replace them? Is there enough air pressure in them? Are probably the most important things you need to address. In case there’s a slight indication that your tyres have worn out, you should get them replaced immediately.

Oil level:
Oil is to cars what blood is to humans. There’s nothing worse than an engine with less or no oil to keep it going. You need to check the oil level in your car with the help of a dipper a few days before leaving. And get a refill if required.


Seat belts:
No one likes being clamped up in a car with those seat belts. But safety comes first always. Check all the seat belts in your vehicle. And make sure each one is in the proper place. You’re going for a long distance trip, and there’s a high probability of seat belts being mandatory in most places.

Fuel :
You won’t forget to refuel your car, but it’s always better to put it down! Ensure the tank is full before you move. And get an app that notifies you about cheapest fuel stations on the way. This way you may end up saving a few bucks!

Spare tyres:
Always keep a spare tyre in your car boot. And also learn how to fix it. Spare tyres aren’t of any use if you can’t fix them when needed.

Battery check:
Get your battery tested well in advance. Check out its sustainability and performance capability under load. In case of any doubt or defect, get your battery checked and recharged.

Don’t load up all your luggage on your car top. It affects the mileage, performance and brings up other issues. So best thing, bring in all the baggage inside your car to ensure the glitch-free functioning of your car throughout your journey.

Minute things matter a lot, and you need to do a full, proper check of your car to ensure a road trip that’s memorable for the right reasons!

It’s vital to ensure that you have the most appropriate vehicle insurance in place when travelling long distances. If the worst happened and you were not suitable insured in could ruin your trip!